CRAZIEST CONCEPT: Quantum Entanglement

If we move down to billions of meters as compared to the size of an atom, where entirely new sets of rules are followed having a superposition. A state in which subatomic particles have half up spin and half down spin until it is measured.

In early 1980’s when Einstein-Podolsky-Nathan EPR paper was published, it gave birth to the trickiest crazy ridiculous concept of modern physics, Quantum Entanglement. In this phenomenon, two particle interact physically in such a way sharing all the information although if we separate them billions of light years away without any linking source, they will still show entanglement property. Seems they were talking. Einstein named it Spuckhafte Frewirkli / Spooky Action At a Distance. Total angular momentum has to be constant if one particle measured, show up spin then it is 100% sure other would show down spin.

Einstein was unsatisfied due to the reasons….

1. Entanglement allows the exchange of information faster than the speed of light which violates his theory of relativity.

2. No local cause required but according to Einstein everything in this universe is affected by local cause.

3. Quantum mechanics can not predict the sure outcome because we are unaware of its hidden information.

John Bell and John Clauses machine measured thousands of entangled particle and showed information exchange occurs simultaneously from miles away, proving Niels Bohr right. Locality is not permanent and entangled particles have the same properties. Light striking on one particle collapses its superposition state and measurement of one particle instantaneously effect other having randomness probabilities i.e co-related. Therefore, does not violates the theory of relativity. The scientists are trying to implement this phenomenon in the form of quantum computers, quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation.

37 thoughts on “CRAZIEST CONCEPT: Quantum Entanglement

  1. While studying Chemistry in college (that was ages ago) we were taught that the electronic configuration within an atom is made in such a way that the electrons with opposite spins are paired in an orbital: (+) 1/2 and (-) 1/2. Chemical reactions occur due to the fact that there are excess of electrons waiting to be paired with their counterparts having opposite spin. But it is interesting to know that this interaction or “talking” can happen even when they are placed billions of light-years away. I think that is the real way one could explain the concept of “cosmic connect”.

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  2. I looked down through your posts and found the same interest areas that I am interested in. I actually use quantum entanglement on an everyday basis, but in a spiritual form. I understand the scientific findings follow certain spiritual laws of the universe. This one being that it is all just one thing, so you cannot effect one part without affecting the whole. Nowhere does this become more visible than with consciousness. Those little quarks lock onto thought and duplicate them in a microsecond.

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  3. I commend your interest in science and your ability to summarise it and talk about it. A point you may or may not be aware of, it’s actually not true that entanglement can be used to send information faster than light. Entanglement is a non-local phenomena, which is why Einstein was not a fan of it, but intriguingly entanglement doesn’t allow for “signalling” or the transfer of information instantaneously, so the light postulate in relativity is not in fact violated.

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