The concept of absolute time was abolished after Einstein’s mind-bending realization that time is nothing more than an illusion. Past, present and future exist simultaneously. Our past is not gone and our future already exists.

What’s time?

Killing time?Wasting time?

Once upon a time?

The most common phrases of all the time but

What is time itself?

Einstein’s theory of relativity implies time has no significance without relativity or motion in space. Therefore he refers space-time. Cosmologists now believe they exist scattered snapshots of every moment that happened or will ever happen.

Thoughts of past and Imaginations of future are all in the mind creating an illusion of time.

OMG! What I did

OMG! What’s going to happen

Which ultimately pull us out of our consciousness. If State of consciousness is conscious then you might ask where’s the past or future. Where are they located? Imagine watching a movie thought it is already being filmed, you are just concentrating on what’s happening at that present moment. Your consciousness plays a major role. This is the most probable answer to the question

Why time passes so quickly while doing our favourite work.

Mind boggling fact of time slowing down under the effect of gravity as predicted by Einstein was experimentally proved when researchers compared the clocks of ISS and earth. Any observer gazing our universe from different reference points will experience past or future. In more simple words, observing light from alpha century which is 4.36 light years away which means light took 4.36 light years to reach us. we are actually looking into its past rather than its present.

Today’s profound reality is ‘arrow of time always moves in one direction thought we can move both forward and backward in space’.

Why is time irreversible?

According to laws of thermodynamics, disordered state i.e entropy of system will always increase with time.

Past can not be changed neither is the future but present can be…...

41 thoughts on “THE ILLUSION OF TIME

  1. Another interesting post ! Time is there really a present ? One second gone is in the past , ones and many seconds wait in the future – by the time we even think about the present second it’s already in the past ! So is there a present actually ?

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  2. so time cannot be pend or it’s not travels in a single direction..and past, present and future are all in same direction and we can remember only the time we have passed or come along and the present , and cannot predict the future cos we have not traveled it so far..this is very clear from alpha century where we are seeing the past of the alpha century and not the present or the future of it….

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    1. Time is nothing but two things in relative motion corresponding to each other. It’s is not in one direction or absolute it is relative …. Time is relative i.e it can speed up or down. for eg under large gravitational pull time slowers down like near black holes or neutron star. Also if you somehow achieve 99.9% speed of light you could do time travel… If you want more details check my 2nd blog My curiously time 😊

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