Every spectacular shining star as a hub of nuclear reactors has a specific lifespan, forming helium from hydrogen and then to heavier elements carbon, silicon, oxygen, nitrogen and iron. Core temperature gradually increases transforming star into red giant. Rising amount of iron eventually stops the nuclear fusion resulting in the rapid collapse of the core under its own gravitational pull producing shock waves with a massive explosion called supernova, creating nebula which contains heavier elements, ions and stardust clouds. Within every 50 years, a supernova explosion occurs in milky way galaxy.

Cosmologist hunt for supernova by clues left behind through X-rays, gamma rays, radio waves for analysing its chemical composition, temperature, pressure, density and expansion rate. Chinese ancient text first catalogued supernova RCW86 in AD185 as a guest star for eight months and was visible during daytime. Cassiopeia 11,000 light years away, Crab Nebula 6,100 light years away are supernova explosions but farthest explosion observed was SN1987A 160,000 light years away whereas nearest red giant Betelgeuse 640 light years away has chances of being a supernova explosion anytime. There are two types of supernova. Type 1 supernova, have uniform size and releases no hydrogen. Type 2 supernova, releases a large amount of hydrogen and has gigantic size.

According to Chandrashekar limit, after the explosion star with mass 1.3 times mass of sun turns out to be white dwarfs. Star between 1.3-3 times mass of sun ends up as neutron star. Star more than 3 times mass of sun emanate into black holes.

Dense neutron star was first discovered by James Chadwick, ranging from 20-25 km in diameter. Immense gravity combines electron and protons together leaving neutrons behind.

1 teaspoon of neutron star= 100 million tons.

A neutron star is classified into pulsars and magnetars.

Pulsars, rotating neutron stars ejecting beams of electromagnetic radiation from its poles whereas magnetars are rotating neutron stars with extremely influential magnetic field 100 million to 1 quadrillion times stronger than earth. Fritz Zwicky and Walter Baadle were the first to prose this idea. PSRJ1748-2446ad, swiftly spinning pulsar 716 times per second.

63 thoughts on “STELLAR TIME BOMBS

  1. I sometimes wonder why iron is the key…… Why is iron the last element in the reaction chain.

    I might be wrong, but is it because of the highest binding energy to mass ratio of iron.??

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  2. I enjoy these bite size explorations of our universe. I think of the power and reactions going on with levels of energy and mass that are hard for one to fathom. There is so much to be in awe of and to learn.

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      2. Yes, you can enter in a field of astronaught. The skill sets are very wide including biologists, medical researchers and so on. So the difference is the astronaught must be generally physically healthy and be able to pass the stress tests for space flight similar to a commercial pilot.

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      3. And dont forget your physical fitness as that is key to being accepted for astronaught training. You don’t have to be an Olympic champion, Just in good health. You can do it because it’s something you want to do.

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  3. Found your site when you said you liked one of the things I wrote. I like it. Simple, to the point, and easy to understand. Maybe the mantel of Carl Sagan will be draped over your shoulders and you’ll the next great popularizer of science.
    Good job.

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