where does mass originate from?

Mass is a resistance offered by a body, in simple words particle travelling with the speed of light is massless. The Standard Model Of Particle Physics depicts two types of particles. Fermions which are responsible for the formation of matter and bosons which carry fundamental forces at the quantum level. The equations of The Standard Model Of Particle Physics were solved when particles were considered to be massless. It was known that elementary particles such as electrons and quarks do possess mass. So, particle physicists then consider the mass of subatomic particles but the equations were now more asymmetric and complex to solve.

In 1964, Peter Higgs came up with his hypothetical framework of empty spaces containing a unified invisible field termed as Higgs field whose principle was based on Quantum field theory. According to it, empty spaces are not empty. Each subatomic particle has its own field unevenly distributed everywhere and if energy is supplied to a field it generates flicks due to its excitation state. These ripples are assumed as particle because of its negligible size. Similarly, Higgs field creates particles Higgs boson. In 2013 Peter Higgs was honoured with Nobel prize almost after 49 years of his discovery.

Elementary particle after entering Higgs field start interacting with it. The more particle will interact, the more mass will be gained whereas other will remain massless such as photons.

The extraordinary properties such as spinless particle, non-zero constant value universally have contrived Higgs Boson particle entirely different from other subatomic particles. Hence, Higgs boson is kept at the corner in The Standard Model Of Particle Physics. On 4 July 2012, CERN announced the confirmation of founding Higgs Boson particle in Large Hadron Collider when trillions of protons were made to collide billions of time in the blink of an eye with 99.9% of the speed of light. ATLAS and CMS measured reading and both showed the same result.

The god particle misconceptionly related to god. It was a title with no logic referred to a book by Leon Lenderman as an shortform of its original name The goddamm particle because this name was denied by his publisher but loved by media all over the world.


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26 thoughts on “HYPOTHETICAL FRAMEWORK TO SCIENTIFIC FACT: The god particle”

  1. The original titel of the manuscript from Ledermann was : ” The Goddamm Particle” because of the hard work they do to find it.
    But the editor has change it in a more interesant titel for a larger publicum.

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