Is universe infinite?


Does it have an end?


What lies beyond it?

Exploring universe……..

From our home planet earth to moon at a distance to 3,84,400 km. Next, to mars distance 22.5 crore km then crossing our solar system having a diameter of 9.09 billion km. Moving ahead to NASA’s satellite Voyager 1 beyond our solar system at 18.8 billion km. Next, stepping out of our milky way galaxy which is 1,00,000 light years wider moving with the speed of 828,000 km/hr. Lightyear refers to the distance travelled by light in one year.

1 light year= 9460730472580.8 km speed of light= 299,792,458 m/s

Distance sucks!

I know ………..

Our galactic neighbour, Triangulum, Andromeda and various dwarf galaxies NGC 6822, LEO 1, LMC etc forms a local group of galaxy inside a diameter of 10 million light years. These local group of galaxies collectively known as Virgo supercluster spread across the region of 100 million light years includes laniakea supercluster where our home galaxy is located, MOF301 supercluster etc.

Precisely, the age of universe is 13.82 billion light years but actual observed universe is 93 billion light-years wider. Space is stretching itself faster than the speed of light.

Alan Guth proposed an idea of inflation i.e energy in vacuum forms virtual particles, suddenly jump to higher energy level resulting in space-time expansion. By the time photons from distant galaxy would reach us, space-time would have been expanded. Therefore, no laws of physics are violated, no speed limit is disturbed and no paradoxes are created. All matter and space inside the region of 93 billion light years diameter is known as observable universe

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Laniakea supercluster Milkyway galaxy Orion arm Earth


    1. Yess you can never get there ….suppose if you travelled with the speed of light which is impossible, still it will take 93 billion years to reach at the edge of the universe unless you create a shortcut through space-time wormholes or warp drive ….

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  1. We really do need to find out how to fold space and time so we can cruise around the universe and find our nearest neighbors and visit them. I think with our recent discoveries of biomass components on Mars and one of the moons of Saturn, maybe we won’t have to travel too far to visit neighbors. And thank you so much for giving me our address. I’d never thought of it before but that is way cool. πŸ˜ŽπŸ›Έ

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  2. I am sure it’s neither infinite not finite, but it’s expanding like anything…and do you have idea of pending time? or does the time has the start and end? probably not

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  3. time and space have no end. but since our minds can really not comprehend such a thing, we just make it up as we go along. sometime in the future we will find a way to travel faster or better and distance and time will not matter. except to poets/writers. πŸ™‚

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