THE BEGINNING: The big bang theory

The Big bang theory itself is the outcome of thousands of brilliant minds put all together in astronomy and cosmology cautiously for

exploring the origin of our universe.

Let’s move back in time.

13.82 billion years ago, what was there?

A point of singularity, extraordinary small and hot where no laws of physics were applied, the time has no existence, all four fundamental forces exist forming a unified force called super force suddenly exploded because of no reason.

”something came from nothing”

In less than one second, gravity split off from the super force. Three minutes later, the temperature dropped to 10 billion degrees of Fahrenheit, an appropriate temperature for the formation of atoms to take place. Lighter element, hydrogen came into existence.

After 380,000 years, light travelled through the darkness. 4 billion years later, stars started shaping due to the presence of heavier elements such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon etc. At the age of 13.7 billion years, the sky filled with stars and galaxies.

Herman Bondi, Thomas Gold, Fred Hoyle including Einstein proposed a steady-state model of universe i.e universe is static, having no beginning and no end. This process of creation and destruction is infinite. this idea challenged big bang theory but was prohibited when Edwin Hubble in 1920’s concluded that most of the galaxies are redshifted i.e moving away from us.

In 1965, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson build a radio receiver which accidentally recorded echo or aftershock noise of big bang docking from everywhere and every corner of the universe. This was experimentally proved by NASA’S Wilkison microwave Anisotropy probe on 3 June 2001.

In February 2003, Cosmic microwave background provided a baby picture of our universe

Some of the major anomalies with the big bang theory were the unanswerable questions

Is there something out of our universe?

What happened at the point of singularity?

What’s the exact shape of our universe?

How is space stretching itself faster than the speed of light?

What was the reason behind big bang explosion?

Many alternate theories exist claming answer to these questions but none of them is experimentally verified. In 1980’s Alan Guth came up with the hypothesis of cosmic inflation i.e expanding universe which is now accepted as part of big bang theory.

Story of our observable universe

61 thoughts on “THE BEGINNING: The big bang theory

  1. I don’t think we’ll ever know what happened at the point of singularity. Seems like, with zero dimensions available, we’d have to bring something incomprehensible into the picture. But, as long as it’s a Hilbert Space and it’s healthy, I’m okay with it…

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  2. Their can be one of these two,
    Either universe will expand forever or it will contract,

    Thus universe has a start but probably no end, however that will depend upon this theory.

    BTW, good explanation,

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  3. Loved this. NASA headquarters is just down the street from me at work. We are discovering new and better things every week. NASA has bold plans to explore deeper with greater technology to answer the currently unanswerable questions. It’s like exploring a forest with no path. We are absorbed in the trees not knowing which kind of tree is around the bend and in our quest, we discover rivers, streams, waterfalls and all forms of flora and fauna never expected and so now when we describe the forest we include much more than just the trees. I’m sure when NASA makes it’s the greatest discovery, it will be you with your telescope, pad, and pencil and a knowing smile.

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      1. I think they will love to have you on board. They like people that like studying the universe and helping them get there to those far off places.

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      2. What kind of career are you interested in? Where I live is Nasa headquarters where all the research is done as well as astronaut training for space missions. Rocket fabrication, and space vehicle development. Many types of space industry jobs are available. More than the imagination can count. There are many outreach science positions in other countries so one doesn’t necessarily have to move here.

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      3. Well all I want to be is an astronaut…
        I know there are many outreach positions in my country as well…..Dreaming a job in Nasa. Doesn’t make me less loyal to my country …
        Surely if i got a chance in my country to reach that position, i would love to do that ….
        I want to tell you that i have already visited nasa and that was the best moment in my life, i have also received an certificate….

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      4. You are absolutely right Astrogirl. To explore the cosmos in an international fellowship is a noble service to the world as well as a high honor to one’s country. We are all a part of the universe. And congratulations on your visit and certificate, I felt certain I will read about your accomplishments in space one day. 😊

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  4. Thank you for a very articulate explanation. It is an unceasing source of amazement to me how quickly we take refuge in units of time as if chronology was the only measure we have. But time is directly related to mass, and if the singularity was so small in dimensions and rich in density, surely perspective is a more satisfactory guide?

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  5. THE APOCALYPSE was an ending, and a new beginning was –
    With an almighty β€˜BANG’ the first Cosmic worm-hole was forged.
    It was an escape route from the biggest black-hole that ever existed called the ABYSS.
    Now only it’s icy little Plutocratic heart remains.

    So, is it possible for a cosmic worm-hole to be an exit from a black-hole?
    Is it possible for a cosmic white-hole to be the ENERGY of a dead-SUN’S white-star?
    Is it possible that we are infinitesimal singularities before being reborn into our Earth-suits?
    We do know that many of the elements that make-up the human body where forged in Supernova, on this planet of the EVOLUTIONARY Apes.

    It’s exciting finding out where each new piece of Life’s jigsaw-puzzle might/will take us, isn’t it!

    Sibyl X

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  6. before the big bang, everything was nothing. After the big bang, nothing is everything.
    there can not be, an actual singularity. Only a quantum leap towards such exotic finalities, however, one particle enters the event horizon, and singularity is no longer. These are a few of my favourite things…

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