In 1962, three Indians

ECG Sudarshan

OMP Bilaniuk

VK Deshpande

Came up with their theoretical framework ‘meta particle’. A hypothetical particle travelling beyond the speed of light. In 1967, Gerald Feinberg published a reach-paper, named ‘tachyon particle’.

The mathematical and theoretical existence of tachyons breaks causality principle, which says cause will always be ahead of the effect.


Let me explain to you how

A glass fell down and broke. Because a glass fell down is a cause and broke is the effect.

Many of us have a misconception that Einstein’s theory of relativity restricts speed limit i.e nothing can exceed the speed of light instead theory predicts, it’s impossible for a body having mass to travel faster than the speed of light as it requires infinite amount of energy with a Technicality, if a body travels lower than the speed of light it will remain travelling lower than that and if traveling faster then speed of light then it will remain travelling faster than that

but there is no observable evidence till now. Therefore, tachyons would not violate the theory of relativity and would possess properties such as

Relativistic length, mass and lifespan would be imaginary

If V>C assuming √-1=i for the cancellation rest mass should be imaginary

Infinite amount of energy is required to accelerate a particle with mass but in contrary, tachyons would lose energy and speed would gradually increase. At the time of energy=0, the speed would be infinite. Moreover, On supplying energy their speed would slow down since tachyons posses negative energy.

The tachyonic Antitelphonic device would come into existence through it we could easily send messages to our past. Although this device would allow you to communicate faster than the speed of light but time would also play its role, it would gradually move backwards. Suppose you send a message ‘how are you’ to your friend on another planet which is 10,000 light years away from earth. So, with the help tachyonicnic device, message travelled faster than the speed of light and because time reversed. He received your message before you have actually sent it. Hence, you would get the reply ‘I am fine’ before you send ‘how are you’. This would lead to past time-traveling paradoxes.

Bosonic string theory’s mathematical equations also predict the existence of fundamentally unstable particle tachyon. CERN in September 2011 announced that they have found tau neutrino travelling faster than the speed of light which was then concluded to be an error in calculations due to defect in fibre optic.

46 thoughts on “BEYOND THE SPEED OF LIGHT: Tachyons

  1. I find this stuff very interesting, but very confusing as well. If you send a message to a friend “how are you” and they get it before you send it, and their reply”I’m fine” gets to you before you send the original message, what then happens if you don’t send the message as they have already told you they are fine? It would surely then mean you wouldn’t get the reply, even though you have seen it, and because you haven’t seen their reply, you would send the message but then you see the reply before you send it… urgh… that’s why I hate time paradoxes.

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  2. This seems to happen with string theory and quantum entanglement. I think I said that right, but correct me if I have used the wrong terms.

    Anyway, it is observed that consciously, not so much mechanically, that an action seemingly occurs everywhere at once. The energy is duplicated in infinite locations. I’ve observed this phenomenon during remote healings. What I decide happens on one side of the world is instantly duplicated on another. It also happens concerning empathic energy. I can feel the emotions of the person I am focusing on from any distance if I so choose. No, there is no magic to this.

    While what I’ve described above is in real time and not necessarily going backwards, there is an element of predictiveness to this – at the point of deciding, before the action is taken it often happens that the desired effect is already done, as if someone was reading my mind. This too happens on occasion. Perhaps tachyons do exist.

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      1. You describe space and time really good in great detail I understand about space have you ever seen tv program called Life after people I no it’s not to do with space but it’s true fact Life after people if you watch the documentary s each one you will like anyone on this page its really good I no been there watch d this I’d watch again cool Life after people

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      2. Are you going to become
        Astronaut your super smart at all space information you should apply for job at NASA your good I’ve not seen anyone as good as you when it comes to talking about space paradox did you read about this to learn you must of done or watch d documentary s and remember evey detail information that’s very smart you could be a teacher learning people like you have its very interesting when one reads different from anything else if I have any space left I shall post life after people its my best documentary I told a lot of people about this it’s actually true tho when man s or people are no longer around to maintain everything grass trees over grow take over the whole planet fact no human s to keep everything going clean well I like it there s more than this documentary tho space dinosaurs under water volcanoes deep space all thanku for reading peace now got to go catch flight home Australia carnt wait to get back

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  3. It’s not confusing space and time most people think space don’t exist wrong it dose you are in to universe space nothing wrong with that your blogs very good different people are confused am not I no about space time everyone has different subject to talk about could be about volcanoes or how do stars form in the sky after one star dies the next one comes earth mars great blog peace

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  4. Another enlightening writing! It would be really exciting if we discover particles that exhibit anti-mass, or anti-energy properties. Although, until now, all the anti-matter doppelgangers seem to have positive mass and energy. Breakthrough needed!

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  5. Speed of Light : Reexamination

    Plane waves of light (wavelength is constant) are coming from just above. An observer is moving horizontally at different speed. Speed relative to the waves does not vary. But speed relative to photons or light ray will vary (both will be real existence). With the formula : light speed = f Ξ», speed of waves can be shown. However, speed of photon and light ray will not be shown. Because of large speed of light, this problem is not noticeable.

    In outer space, plane waves of a star light are coming. An observer is at a standstill. Speed of light waves and photons (light ray) relative to the observer will not be the same (in general). By the way, speed of light waves and of photons (light ray) relative to the aether frame will be the same (as a physical constant : not c, maybe).

    Sorry, I cannot receive E-mail. I do not have PC.

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  6. Constancy of speed of light

    They say, it stands up on an observer in every inertial frame. Yes, when the light source shines in that frame, it is true.

    Some man mistook this fact natural for a great discovery. And it is believed widely.
    Below is new URL of my web site. Hhttp ://

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