You can not fall into white hole!

You can fall from white hole!

They are unrealistic, hypothetical, imaginative assumption depicted in mathematical equations. The mathematical equation can have two solutions 2^2=4 and (-2)^2=4. Both black holes and white holes are the valid solutions of general theory of relativity. Igor Novikov was the first to put forward the hypothesis of white hole in 1964 termed as anti-black holes which miscellaneously eject matter and light outwards.

Hawking’s radiation revealed black holes emit radiation and ultimately get evaporate. Therefore the information gone inside black hole is lost forever. According to laws of physics, matter can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be switched into another form. Some theories suggested black holes joined with white hole through wormhole. Hence, information sucked by feeding black hole is exhaled by white hole into an alternate universe in another dimension faster than the speed of light while other theories prefer black holes end their lifespan by transforming into white hole when they cannot shrink any more under their own gravitational pull experiencing quantum bounce, a pressure from outside region and eventually blast.

Cosmologist and physicist associate big bang as white hole outburst. White holes are impossible to exist due to violation of universal law- Second law of thermodynamics. The entropy of an isolated system would either remain same or will increase but never decrease.

On June 14, 2006, a gamma-ray burst was detected by Nasa’s satellite swift GRB06014 lasted for 102 seconds. It was considered as supernova outbreak but none of its properties matched with it. It’s properties shockingly matched with little-known knowledge of white hole. It was the strongest evidence ever noticed.

We should not forget black holes were once theoretical. If black holes have existence then……..

why not white holes?

26 thoughts on “TACTICALLY POSSIBLE: White hole

  1. Interesting idea I hadn’t come across, maybe when many black holes join up they kick start a super white in another dimension like a mini big bang. Thanks for posting.

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  2. I used to always wonder if there is something that does the opposite of a black hole which might have led to the Big Bang. Very informative and excited about such a possibility!

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