Everyone in this world has a hunger to explore and delight knowledge

What is time?

Do time itself has a beginning?

Will it have an end?

Can we control time?

Can we control past and future?

How is it related to the universe?

Where is the end of the universe?

Why is universe infinite?

How it is possible that all the inventions we did are already mentioned in mythologies?

All the questions fascinate me the most and I am strongly willing to dedicate my life to these questions.

The star of my blog ‘time’.

Can you define time?

Well! No one can …..

The very basic concept we know is that the arrow of time is always pointing from present to future not from present to past.

Now the question here is why time is so conspicuous?

The aspect time was given consideration after the discovery of the fastest moving thing in the entire universe


By Michelson Morley experiment, it was proved that light is constant for all frame of reference.

According to James Clerk Maxwell, light is an electromagnetic wave which has a constant speed in a vacuum, but according to general theory relativity by sir Einstein, everything in this universe is relative i.e moving with respect to each other.

Two contradictory statements, To understand these statements……

Suppose you are travelling in a train which has the speed near the speed of light and took a revolution of the earth in just one hour and then you are back to the station again.

Now the magic begins…….

It will be equal to 100 years on earth. In simple words, you have done a time travel. It’s a paradox.

Confused !!!! I know ……..

This was explained by sir Einstein’s general theory of relativity .we know that speed is equal to distance/time. therefore to maintain constancy of the speed of light, one factor has to give its sacrifice and this sacrifice was done by time. Its a fact that faster you are moving in space dimensions the slower you will move in time dimensions. Sir Einstein termed this as time dilation , So the people inside train will experience time to get slower and slower as compared to the people on earth…

Why time dilation?

Assume a space shuttle travelling 90% speed of light, it will gradually attract more mass which will result in an increase in acceleration. Mass is inversely proportion to time. A body is considered as mass when it is not in contact with gravity for example in space, but the moment it comes in contact with the gravity it will be considered as weight. It is not about size, it is about mass .this is the reason for time dilation in a black hole.

Some theories also suggest that if we exceed the speed of light, it is possible to travel back in time. If such thing happens all the upcoming events on the earth will also change.However, this is just a theory.Because after big-bang, when the time was created it is possible that universe will only expand with time.

Light is made of massless particles ‘photons’ so it is quite impossible to reach a speed of light. Hence, there is a probability that time machine can never be made.

51 thoughts on “MY CURIOSITY : time

  1. I know in future I’ll be reading a famous book and the authors name will be ‘kashish’.
    This girl will do something very creative in her feild of science.

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  2. Very well written.

    Time has a mind of its’ own. It doesn’t stop or listen to anyone.
    Having said that, about controlling time. Past is something we can’t control because it has already been past us. But the present and the future is still in our hands. What we do now and decide to do will probably affect the time yet to come.

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  3. Before we begin let us agree on a vital point, which is ‘The Law of Contradiction’.

    The Law states simply that Contradictions do not—can not—exist. It then explains itself further, with “whenever you find an apparent contradiction, investigate its premises because at least one of them is false”.

    At this point, if you agree, I can pass to you the fruits of my own investigations and meditations (but you won’t like them~!)(No-one ever does …).

    Or if you’d prefer not to, then I’ll gift you with this verse from old Khayyam—

    With Earth’s first Clay They did the Last Man knead,
    And then of the Last Harvest sow’d the Seed:
    Yea, the first Morning of Creation wrote
    What the Last Dawn of Reckoning shall read.

    —to make of what you will.

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  4. Very nice writing dear. You will surely become a scientist in future. Keep writing. Your blog is both captivating and inspiring for the readers.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s the subject matter that’s daunting and confuses. Your writing is very clear but time and space leave much to try and understand.

        Liked by 1 person

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